Let’s Noodle

Creative Thinking. Inspiring Ideas. Proven Ability to Deliver.

There is a saying in our office, “What do you need? When do you need it? What is the budget?

That is what we need to know to get things started and solve your problem or work on a project. Our customers have learned we can help with printing business cards, designing a company brochure or help plan a multi-day conference … all you have to do is call.

From a once in a life time project, such as painting a water tower – to delivering 50 buttons for a campaign event, in less than 3 days – Projects Unlimited can get it done.

Projects Unlimited has been built on saying “YES.” We have the most fun solving a problem you might have just been “noodling” on trying to figure out. Remember: We will do our best to help. Deliver on time. For a fair price.


Projects Unlimited

7 Meadow Road, Enfield, CT 06082

CELL – 860-306-2023 • E-MAIL – ma@projectsunlimited.us